NevadaState Snapshot for Home Health-Hospice

In this comparison, the NHQR quality measures for Nevada for the most recent data year and the baseline year are compared to the average of all States.

Measures That Are Average in The Recent Year
Measure Recent Year Recent Rate Recent Performance Baseline Year Baseline Rate Baseline Performance
Hospice patient caregivers who perceived patient was referred to hospice at the right time 2014 90.2 Average 2007 89.2 Average
Hospice patients who received care consistent with their stated end-of-life wishes 2014 94.5 Average 2006 90.9 Worse than Average
Hospice patients who received the right amount of help for feelings of anxiety or sadness 2014 88.8 Average 2009 91.1 Average
Family caregivers who did not want more information about what to expect while the patient was dying 2014 85.3 Average 2007 82.8 Worse than Average