NevadaState Snapshot for NHPI

In this comparison, the NHQR quality measures for Nevada for the most recent data year and the baseline year are compared to the average of all States.

Measures That Are Average in The Recent Year
Measure Population Recent Year Recent Rate Recent Performance Baseline Year Baseline Rate Baseline Performance
Adult hospital patients who sometimes or never had good communication about medications they received in the hospital NHPI 2016 7.50 Average 2009 13.4 Average
Adult hospital patients who did not receive good communication about discharge information NHPI 2016 10.8 Average 2009 15.6 Average
Adult hospital patients who strongly disagree or disagree that staff took their preferences and those of their family and caregiver into account when deciding what the patients discharge health care would be NHPI 2016 7.50 Average 2014 9.94 Average