NevadaState Snapshot for High Income

In this comparison, the NHQR quality measures for Nevada for the most recent data year and the baseline year are compared to the average of all States. Compared to all States, for the most recent data year, the performance for all Nevada measures is in the Strong range. For the baseline year, performance is in the Strong range.

The meter represents Nevada's balance of below average, average, and above average measures compared to all States. The performance meter has five categories: very weak, weak, average, strong, and very strong. An arrow pointing to "very weak" means all or nearly all included measures for a State are below average within a given data year.

An arrow pointing to "very strong" indicates that all or nearly all available measures for a State are above average within a given data year.

A solid blue arrow (Blue Arrow) describes results for the most recent data year; a dashed black arrow (Black Arrow) describes results for the baseline year. A missing arrow means there were insufficient data to create the summary measure for this State.

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(The meter score may not be reliable when the number of supporting measures is fewer than 10 measures)

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  • Nevada's Score for the Recent Data Year: 68.33
  • Nevada's Score for the Baseline Year: 68.0
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Performance of All States Across All Measures

State Meter Score for High Income
Alabama 81.82
Alaska 64.29
Arizona 77.14
Arkansas 72.22
California 73.61
Colorado 81.67
Connecticut 69.23
Delaware 68.18
District of Columbia 65.38
Florida 77.63
Georgia 77.27
Hawaii 73.44
Idaho 55.56
Illinois 80.26
Indiana 75.71
Iowa 80.0
Kansas 74.0
Kentucky 70.31
Louisiana 66.67
Maine 94.44
Maryland 76.39
Massachusetts 88.0
Michigan 80.77
Minnesota 75.71
Mississippi 72.22
Missouri 73.33
Montana 76.92
Nebraska 71.67
Nevada 68.33
New Hampshire 81.82
New Jersey 68.06
New Mexico 82.5
New York 70.59
North Carolina 82.86
North Dakota 75.93
Ohio 75.0
Oklahoma 79.17
Oregon 75.86
Pennsylvania 90.0
Rhode Island 90.0
South Carolina 80.77
South Dakota 83.33
Tennessee 71.21
Texas 75.0
Utah 70.83
Vermont 86.84
Virginia 81.94
Washington 79.69
West Virginia 71.05
Wisconsin 72.06
Wyoming 68.18